Clothing insulation may be expressed in ‘’Clo’’units

CLO Insulation


Clothing adaptation play an important role in achieving thermal comfort and it may be the most effective adjustment that user can make to adapt themselves in extremely weather condition.

Down Jacket shows excellent Clo value for outdoor skiing
Those data which below is from Wikipedia’s Insulation research.
“It express “Clo” requirement in different environment”

Some basic insulation values can be considered as examples of typical conditions

  • naked body:0
  • summer clothing:0.6 clo
  • ski outfit: 2 clo 
  • light polar equipment: 3 clo
  • heavy polar equipment: 4 clo
  • polar downduvet: 8 clo
Andersn test with Clo with professional laboratory.

We prepare kinds of samples, and content is below:

TESTING SAMPLE Filling Amount Clo Clo/oz Feedback/Review
100% 90/10 DUCK DOWN 20.16g 3.264 4.59 It show excellent warmth in extremely environment.
50% 90/10 DUCK DOWN+ 50% POLY PATENT 26.08g 3.61 3.92 The patent Mixed Down meet heavy polar requirement almost.
100% POLY BALL PATENT 28.8g 2.645 2.6 Our Poly Patent’s Clo is higher than others Poly Fiber.

Staying warm is the key to having fun in freezing temps.Insulated jackets come in all weights, styles, and filled with different materials.