To Answer Your Questions



Q1. Will humans be infected with Avian Influenza through goose or duck down?

As long as down and feathers are processed properly, humans will not be infected with Avian Influenza. According to OIE (World Organization for Animal Health), All virus will no longer exist at 60°C (140°F) after 30 minutes. Our product is drying at 100~120°C (212~248°F) in 30 minutes, so that we can make sure All virus won’t survive in our product.

Q2. Will down cause allergy?

Only less than 1% of people have this problem, because down and human hair have almost same substance. If we don’t take a good care of our hair, dust will cover it eventually. Similar idea, down and feather will be covered by dust if we don’t take good care of it.

Q3. Where do goose and duck down come from?

Down is a byproduct which is produced by farmers’ feeding geese and ducks. We collect the best quality of down and feather from all over the world.

Q4. Are there pure white or no-black-spot down?

No. Down is like human hair. It is possible to have different color down. Currently, there have not an official standard.

Q5. How to keep down jackets and duvets fluffy?

Shake it, don′t squeeze it, then will keep it fluffy.

Q6. Can down products be water washed?

Basically, the answer is yes. However, there are several things should be aware:

  1. The washing machine has to be big enough to fit your down products. There shouldn′t have a stirring bar inside the washing machine. Usually normal household washing machines are not able to wash duvets.
  2. Down products must be dried immediately after washing, otherwise, down might get damaged.
  3. Down need to be fully dry and shouldn′t lump inside.  Products need to be fluffy as a new one.

Q7. What is the best way to clean a down product?

The best way to clean your down product is to send it to a professional laundry.  Normally, the life of a down product would be over ten years, but wash it too often will reduce it.

Q8. Is it normal that down has smell?

Geese are herbivorous poultry.  Geese feed with low fat content so there is no smell on its feathers.  Ducks are omnivorous poultry, the smell will get weaker as they live longer. Thus, the first 30 to 40 days of a newborn duckling will have a strong smell, but it will fade away after 7 to 10 days.

Q9. How to maintain duvets?

A quilt cover is needed and often washes it, so that it can keep duvets from dusts.  When summer come, the best way to storage your beloved duvet are taking sunbathe few hours, easy removing dust away, storage in dry place.  When winter come, put in quilt cover and shakes it easily.  It can help your duvet to use more than 10 years.